Who Benefits From 'Take Pride' Campaign?



I picked up a flier at a local restaurant the other day addressing the residents of Pine/Strawberry. A small group of business owners (who call themselves "many full-time residents") have organized a committee called, "Take Pride in Pine/Strawberry."

This committee is organizing fund-raisers, garage sales, raffles and donations to put potted flowers on main streets in Pine/Strawberry, install benches for sponsorships and add landscaping on Highway 87. This is all being done with a "sense of responsibility to become stewards of the land and do our part to enhance the blessings of nature" (direct quote).

The more I read, the more I questioned the motives of this committee. Who is going to benefit from the Take Pride project? The business owners involved on the committee. Who is going to maintain these improvements? Who knows? Seems like a lot of unclean motives and magical thinking here. This committee has nothing to do with being "stewards of the land and enhancing the blessings of nature."

How do priorities get so misplaced? For example, couldn't someone put their energy toward volunteering at the senior thrift store and dining room in Pine which is badly in need of volunteers right now just to stay afloat?

John Depert, Pine

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