How About Some Constructive Ideas?



This is in response to the letter from John Depert regarding the Take Pride Project for Pine/Strawberry.

I am not a business owner and am a full-time resident of Pine. I have personally spoken with the members of this project. They also are full-time residents and are not all business owners. They simply love their town and feel there is always room for improvement. As an example, I would much rather see flowers and benches instead of cars for sale on lots which look abandoned.

The project members are asking for suggestions and ideas from anyone who would be interested. Why doesn't Mr Depert bring his ideas to the meetings? That would be far more constructive than accusing people he has never even met of "unclean motives and magical thinking."

Does beautifying Pine and Strawberry preclude helping at the Senior Center? Wouldn't our seniors and everybody enjoy sitting and having a visit or an ice cream while looking at pots of colorful flowers?

Ann Rosedale, Pine

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