Local Pilot Responds To Anonymous Attack



An open letter to "CORAF":

Dear anonymous person(s) claiming to be Citizens Opposing Residential Aircraft Flyovers.

Last week, you sent me a letter, with a copy to the mayor, asserting that you observed my aircraft "flying outside Payson Municipal Airport's noise abatement program flight patterns" on two occasions in May. You noted the dates and times but failed to mention what you meant by "outside" whether too high or low, or too close in or too far out, or what.

You also conspicuously failed to mention by what means you measured the alleged transgressions and what data you have to support your claim other than your own subjective decision.

Am I allowed to speak in my own defense or is this not permitted by your secret self-appointed, so-called "citizens" group?

Surely you understand that a true citizen abides by and works within the system created by the majority of the community. In this case, I would expect you to bring forth your issues publicly in a proper forum such as a town meeting, or by requesting that the airport manager and town council form a committee to investigate the matter.

I hereby state to both you and the mayor that I always follow the noise abatement procedures to the letter or better on every takeoff, going well to the north of the developments at either end of the runway. I fly the downwind leg at the prescribed altitude as closely as possible within the limits of local air turbulence. As you know, the recommended downwind leg for either runway passes directly over residential and business areas of Payson. You may not be aware that the recommended downwind and base legs are too close in to be within the normal capabilities for most aircraft, so don't be surprised to see most pilots stretch the pattern as necessary for their aircraft. This is perfectly normal and acceptable to the FAA and probably also to the local airport manager.

Is this what you observed? I don't know, you didn't do me the courtesy of being specific.

If my flying skills need improvement, I welcome criticism from a professional flight instructor. If you want the pattern to be changed, propose it through normal channels.

Please come out in the open with your concerns and stop behaving like a self-styled secret police. I fly with my wife and children and times being what they are, we get very nervous when an anonymous disgruntled person attacks us personally via the mail. this is not the democratic way.

Kenneth P. Young, Pine

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