Nothing But Praise For Prmc



I had quite an experience last week that I hope will give encouragement to anyone needing care at PRMC. (As Mr.. Portoff's letter encouraged me.)

It all started with three (3) C's and an H.

First was Dr. Charles Williams, my chiropractor, who was treating me for a sciatica problem. He realized I wasn't responding to the usual treatment and suggested I have it checked out more thoroughly so I went to see my physician, Dr. David Cluff, who suggested X-rays and an MRI be taken. After receiving those reports, he suggested I go see Dr. Charles Calkins. That's where the hospital comes into the story.

Pre-registration with Nona and Cathleen started my journey of a completely satisfying experience. From Jennie & Linda in pre-op, Guy, my anesthesiologist to Russ in recovery I was always made comfortable.

After I got back to my room, Sandy and Allen took over on the night shift and were so very kind and always right there when needed.

The next morning, Diane came in with a cheery greeting to meet me and the new day. Diane, Phil and Caroline met my every need. I can't do any more than say thank you to those in surgery as I was "out" by then and don't know who to personally thank. It's obvious you did your job as I seem to be recovering nicely.

God's love was shown through each of you. Blessings were abundant throughout my stay. I have nothing but praise for the facility and staff of PRMC and why anyone would go to Phoenix for medical treatment I don't know. This was easy on my husband as he could come and go in just five minutes and it was a quick trip for me to get home to my own bed.

We shop locally and are happy to say we use local medical care.

Carol A. Morrison, Payson

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