What's Up?


Q: I stopped by the parks office at Green Valley Park and was told they are suspending the loaner fishing poles. If that's true, what's up? When did they suspend it, and when are they planning to start it back up?

A: Yes, it's true. Bill Schwind, town parks director, says that the loaner pole program runs concurrently with the urban fishing program season October through May.

"That's when they stock the trout, so that's when we loan the poles," Schwind said.

While people can fish year-round, he says trout don't typically survive in the lake through the summer due to high water temperatures.

"There are other fish in the lake," Schwind said, "but they have hitchhiked from Roosevelt or other people's buckets illegally."

Q: I live out on Bulla where a home burned down several months ago. It's just a burned-out shell. Are they going to remove the home or what?

A: The house you refer to on Bulla Drive was demolished earlier this week, and the owner, Roger Schwartz, hopes to rebuild on the site.

"We're still waiting for the insurance settlement," Schwartz said.

The fire department's involvement in such cases ends once the investigation to determine the fire's cause and origin is finished, according to Payson Fire Marshall Jack Babb.

"Once that's completed, the structure is turned back over to the owner and his or her insurance company," Babb said. "It's up to them to take whatever corrective action is needed."

The only time the fire department would get re-involved is if a house posed a hazard because it was improperly boarded up or otherwise secured.

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