'Why Doesn't Someone Take Care Of Me?'



Most letters I've seen have not been serious, but comments on the "talk show" and letters to you the past couple of weeks have prompted a change in my attitude.

For weeks before any fires, listening to KMOG from 7 a.m. until C.O.B. as we do, concerned comments about fire danger were common from Blaine and Dan. Is it not strange how some folk feel the world revolves around them when they decide to listen to the radio?

Which leads to my next comment, all you others "who's gonna protect us?" victims out there nobody. The only person, or agency, truly responsible for you and yours, is you. Seventy-five percent of us are so wrapped up in a fog of "my world" that we run outta things, run into things, run thru red lights, miss turns, and run into stores with the belief that because they cannot plan or manage their time correctly, and are "in a hurry," they are to be granted special treatment it does not!

You wanna be protected? Join a nunnery just don't leave the U.S.A. - they shoot nuns elsewhere.

You want protection? Protect yourself, plan on not being "taken care of." Don't count on any agency or group, they will be overtasked trying to take care of the other thousands crying "Why doesn't someone take care of me?"

The only comfort one can take from being amongst all these hand-wringers is that stupid ain't catching. I liked our society much better when we used to let the stupid ones kill themselves off.

John M. Angell, Sr., Payson

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