Burglary Suspects Nabbed


The arrests of three Payson men, along with a former resident this weekend have broken up a possible burglary ring.

The June 9 arrests ended investigations into four recent burglaries and may lead to closing the case on a fifth, Lt. Don Engler of the Payson Police Department said.

Arrested were Ron Franklin St. Clair, 34, a former Payson resident; Eric Manczur, 27, Payson; Jason Adler, 29, Payson; and Ricky Powell, 43, Payson.

St. Clair, Manczur and Adler were each charged with two counts of possession of stolen property and one count of theft of a motor vehicle. Powell was charged with one count of possession of stolen property, one count of trafficking in stolen property and one count of theft.

The people manning the fire advisory station on the Gisela Road noticed that a truck going by had no license plate. Having stopped the vehicle, they also knew the driver had no license.

Department of Public Safety Officer Doc Dimbat was on patrol in the area and stopped the vehicle for unrelated traffic offenses, and noted a four-wheeler in the back of the truck.

Dimbat contacted the registered owners of the four-wheeler and asked them to see if it was where it was supposed to be, Engler said.

The owners discovered the four-wheeler was missing and filed a report.

The truck had been stolen after a burglary of St. Vincent de Paul. The keys were among the items taken, and then they were used to steal the truck.

Payson police were advised and officers began to investigate. Stolen property was discovered at a residence on Andrew Drive in Gisela and at the home of one of the suspect's mother on Buckskin Lane in Star Valley, Engler said.

The arrests cleared burglaries at St. Vincent de Paul, Eastern Arizona College, Mario's, and the Forest Service Ranger Station, Engler said.

Payson Det. Matt VanCamp said the thefts seemed to stem from the suspects' alleged methamphetamine problems.

"Eric Manczur said, 'If I wasn't hooked on meth I wouldn't steal.' The stolen property has a value of about $10,000, not including the truck and four-wheeler," VanCamp said.

He said what the PPD recovered is about half the property that was stolen. The other half had already been converted to cash or traded for methamphetamines, he said.

VanCamp said Manczur told them he stole an $800 mountain bike from the Forest Service and sold it to Ricky Powell for just $20. The officer said Powell could turn around and sell the bike in the Phoenix area for $100 to $200.

The matter is still being investigated and additional charges are possible, Engler said.

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