Projects In The Works For School District


The new rubberized, all-weather track at Payson High School scheduled for completion around mid-July headlines a host of construction projects throughout the Payson Unified School District this summer and into the fall.

"We've got an awful lot of construction work coming up at all of our schools the next three to four months," PUSD Superintendent Herb Weissenfels said. "We're going to do everything we can to minimize it, but some of it could interrupt the normal functioning of school."

Work is already under way on the track, with the first phase the initial prep work including ground preparation and curbing scheduled to be finished by Thursday. The second phase is a 3/4-inch rubberized surface which is sprayed onto an asphalt base.

"The advantage is not only that it's a year-round surface, but that it's a better running surface as far as impact on the body, and that it's more maintainable," Joe Martin, director of support operations for PUSD, said.

The new track will be open to the public at times when it is not being used by the schools.

Other projects scheduled to begin this summer include resealing of all school parking lots except Payson Elementary School and the following:

Payson High School

A parking lot expansion on the south side of the Payson High School campus.

A 9,600-square-foot, six-classroom building and serving kitchen in the center of the PHS campus. The east wing will then become an ancillary or office building.

The old PHS gym will be re-roofed and soffits and windows will be replaced.

The eastern half of the academic building will get a new canopy, and drainage problems in the area will be addressed.

The Agriculture Department greenhouse will get a stainless steel cooling system.

Two and possibly all four dome entrances will be replaced. The dome is caving in the door casings.

Rim Country Middle School

A new basketball court will be built in the center courtyard.

Drainage issues between the gym and football field will be addressed.

Julia Randall Elementary School

The roof on the Rock Building is being replaced and new air conditioning units will be installed on the east side.

The 300 office building is getting a new roof.

The 200 preschool building is getting a new roof and air conditioning.

The 100 primary building is getting new air conditioning.

Frontier Elementary School

The flat roof section above the administration area will be replaced.

The air conditioning, inadequate since the school was built thanks to a design mistake, is being upgraded.

A new backstop will be added to the baseball field.

A full-service kitchen will replace the old serving kitchen so food will no longer have to be prepared at Payson Elementary and shipped over to FES.

An additional classroom will be created in a storage area.

Acoustics are being improved in the library.

Payson Elementary School

New asphalt is being added to the east, south and west ends of the building.

The north side of the school will receive a new roof.

The entire school will be air conditioned.

Drainage corrections will be made in front of the school.

Bids on the combined facilities board projects will be opened at 2 p.m., June 19. Work is expected to begin July 31.

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