Event Center A Dusty Alternative



I am a Payson resident who does not like the Payson Multi-event Center as a venue for concerts. Although I love 'the blues,' I didn't attend the June Bug Blues Festival last year, knowing there would be no shade at the multi-event center. I was assured there would be shade and misters this year, but they did not compensate for having to place our chairs, our personal belongings and our cold beverages in the dirt. Yes, our shoes were ruined by the end of the evening, but even worse, breathing the dust for several hours left me physically stressed. I won't be attending next year, unless the venue is changed.

Payson has two lovely parks, either of which would make a great setting for music festivals. I would like to see the June Bug Blues Festival continue, but at Rumsey or Green Valley Park instead of at the multi-event center.

Karen J. Wartick, Payson

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