Let's Agree To Disagree



This letter is in response to Ms. Rosedale's letter regarding the Take Pride in Pine/ Strawberry project. I thank you, Ms. Rosedale, for your response to my letter to the editor.

I mentioned priorities in my letter maybe putting flower pots and benches around would help us not to notice the cars for sale on abandoned lots. Put the flowers and benches in and the cars will remain, but unnoticed!

I really don't want to put my energy into attending project meetings because my views are obviously very different from those in attendance and would probably not be very well received.

I'm still wondering how the flowers are going to get water and what the benches will look like in a couple of years.

Perhaps a closer look at the project flier is in order. In my opinion, it seems very manipulative in its wording. The flier is available at various locations in Pine.

I still question the motives in this whole project. Are we making Pine/Strawberry more palatable to the visitors who will spend money at the shops, or are we making our town more comfortable for its residents?

Maybe Ms. Rosedale is correct in her views ... it is more important beautifying Pine/ Strawberry than it is having a recycling container like Payson, or having the cars for sale on abandoned lots removed legally, or spending time with our children on their school projects.

And why should the business owners take responsibility for flowers, benches and landscaping their areas when they can get the townspeople to do it and pay for it? Some good ideas may be taken from the Payson Main Street project or even the Main Street at Disneyland.

Enough said on my part. Ms. Rosedale, maybe we can agree to disagree. I'm willing.

John Depert, Pine

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