Schum Kicks Up Heels With New Pacemaker


Saturday night, then-Mayor Ray Schum square-danced with the Zane Grey Twirlers at their annual festival.

Some in the crowd were impressed that he could square-dance at the age of 80. But what they didn't know was even more impressive. One week before Schum took to the square-dance floor, he'd had a pacemaker installed.

"People get better because they want to get better, and I wanted to get better," Schum said, explaining his speedy recovery.

Two weeks ago, Schum who's had a history of heart problems returned home from a workout at the Payson Athletic Club feeling more tired than usual, he said.

"I took my vital signs, and they were not good. As the night went on, they got worse, so I went to the hospital for observation," he said. "The following morning, it was determined that I had to go to Phoenix to get a pacemaker."

Within a week, though, Schum felt good enough for a little do-si-do. And a few one-liners.

"This is not a case of 'poor me,'" Schum quipped. "Heck, now I've got a built-in generator in case the electricity goes out!"

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