Tougher Water Restrictions Now In Place


Payson residents must now comply with Level 2 water conservation measures.

Failure to comply with the regulations will result in termination of water service.

At its meeting June 13, the town council unanimously approved moving from Level 1 measures to the more restrictive Level 2 requirements.

The action was taken at the urging of Public Works Director Buzz Walker. He explained the need for the restrictions was not so much a water shortage, but mainly to raise awareness of the public.

In a report to the council, Walker said the use of water has increased 35 percent, from April 2001 to April 2002. The report also cited exceedingly high water use at some residences during April: 32,000 gallons; 42,000; 54,000; 73,000; and the highest use was 163,000 gallons, at a residence with an absentee owner.

He said when the water department has contacted people at the addresses where the high use is occurring, about half of them have responded with gratitude, while the other half have been less than gracious.

The absentee owner was especially grateful when contacted, Walker said.

"We have been able to satisfy the water demand and have not experienced other than normal operating variations in the water levels in our storage tanks. I recommend that we impose water use restrictions at this time so that we may ensure maximum water storage levels and water production capabilities ... to reduce the use of underground water supplies so they will be available in the future," Walker said in his report.

Under the restrictions for Level 2 water conservation, no person shall:

Irrigate, wash vehicles, fill or refill pools, spas or wading pools except as follows: even-numbered addresses are restricted to these uses on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, while odd-numbered addresses are restricted to Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Wash vehicles on the allowed days unless a bucket and hose with a positive cutoff nozzle is used. No restrictions apply to vehicles that must be washed for public health, safety or welfare purposes, or to commercial car washes.

Irrigate golf courses, except before noon and after 7 p.m., no restrictions apply if treated effluent is used.

Use ornamental fountains except if equipped with a recycling pump.

Use water from a fire hydrant except for emergencies or upon the written approval of the public works director and fire chief; except for such use association with firefighting activities, public health, safety or welfare.

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