Level 2 Water Restrictions


The town of Payson has started Level 2 Water Conservation Restrictions.

The restrictions are, no person shall:

Irrigate, wash vehicles, fill or refill pools, spas or wading pools except as follows: even-number are restricted to these uses Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, while odd-numbered street and all other addresses are restricted to Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Public Works Director Buzz Walker verified that all residents and businesses can water Sundays.

Wash vehicles on the allowed days unless a bucket and hose with a positive cutoff nozzle is used, no restrictions apply to vehicles that must be washed for public health, safety or welfare purposes, or to commercial car washes.

Irrigate golf courses, except before noon and after 7 p.m., no restrictions apply if treated effluent is used.

Use ornamental fountains except if equipped with a recycling pump.

Use water from a fire hydrant except for emergencies or upon the written approval of the public works director and fire chief; except for such use association with firefighting activities, public health, safety or welfare.

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