New Traffic Enforcement Effort Begins


A $6,000 grant from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety is enabling the Payson Police Department to begin a more intense traffic enforcement program.

The PPD will be working on speed enforcement along with red light and stop sign violations, Lt. Don Engler said. He said in designated residential speed zones, unmarked patrol vehicles will conduct traffic surveillance, with marked patrol cars at either end of the zone on hand to issue citations to violators.

The grant program begins this week and will continue for five to six weeks. The grant money is paying for the officers' salaries and expenses for time devoted to the program in excess of their regular hours.

Volunteers certified to give citations

The PPD has certified 10 of its police volunteers to issue citations for violating handicapped parking regulations.

The certificates were issued June 12.

Any unauthorized vehicles in handicapped parking spaces at businesses and public buildings will be cited, Engler said.

The certified volunteers completed two training sessions. More volunteers will be trained in the future, Engler said.

Block watch meeting set

The public is urged to attend a block watch organizational meeting next week.

The meeting is at 7 p.m., Wednesday, June 26, at the Payson Public Library meeting room.

The meeting is designed to organize volunteers from neighborhoods in all the different geographical areas of the community. These volunteers will return to their neighborhoods and organize others in their area into formal neighborhood watch groups, Lt. Don. Engler said.

A police officer will then work with the smaller groups, training them in watch procedures.

For more information, call Engler at 474-5242, extension 2224.

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