Venue Is Not The Only Thing That Should Change



I believe I share the same point of view of many local Paysonites at the passing memories of the June Bug Blues Festival.

Many of our fond memories of past festivals included trees, shade and grass. Admission prices were affordable and food booths were offered by Girl and Boy Scout troops, along with other service clubs, all from Payson. Young and old joined in making the experience, and leaving us talking in anticipation of next year's festival.

Slowly, changes took place to the blues festival and more ideas, including a new location in the new multi-purpose event center. Prices for tickets, parking your car, lunch/dinner and a simple bottle of water had changed. Local offerings of passes and discount tickets disappeared.

Clearly I can do the math and the cost for a family of four to attend the festivals in Payson, including, but not limited to, the blues festival, is getting comparative to a major event in Phoenix.

The majority of working class residents in Payson don't earn wages that support the ability to attend. Then to sit in an uncomfortable environment to eat an $8 sandwich, is an example to consider when planning future event changes.

Attendance may be down for reasons other than nobody likes the blues.

Tracy Jones, Payson

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