Curves Offers 30-Minute Workout


Martha Hemphill came to Payson just to open her Curves for Women franchise. She came here from Washington in January after having made a tour of the Southwest to search for a site for her business.

Hemphill said she fell in love with Payson as soon as she saw it and decided this was the place she wanted to be.

"I'm a desert rat by nature and a horsey person. I can ride right out of my yard when the forest is open," she said.

Hemphill was introduced to Curves for Women last August in Washington. She said she saw a need for the business here and feels it fills a neglected niche, somewhere between the gym and couch for women.

"We have aspects that appeal to women who don't go to a gym. One of those is it takes only 30 minutes, three times a week," Hemphill said.

She opened her business at 242 E. Highway 260, in the Payson Village Shopping Center, June 10. The walls are plain and the windows are only blocked by paper, but that is by design.

"I thought it was more important to open than to get it decorated," Hemphill said.

Her main goal for her business is to be a service to people of Payson.

"We fill a niche. We help people feel better about themselves and help them fulfill their goals," Hemphill said.

Another goal, she said she would be very satisfied with 300 members in six months.

"We've been very well received so far," she said. "The ladies seem to be glad we're here. They like the sheer simplicity of it. We're booked fairly solidly through this week with introductory visits. I'm really pleased with the response.

"The best part is seeing people walk out smiling after their workout," she added.

Curves for Women provides both exercise and weight-loss guidance in the same location. Its system provides a total workout in both strengthening and aerobic exercises, as well as stretching, in only 30 minutes.

"We're winning the weight-loss war. A 30-minute total workout, in a female friendly environment, complete weight-loss guidance, makes health and fitness an achievable goal. Our $29 monthly fee makes it a great value," Hemphill said.

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