Something Missing From 'Oath' Photo



I noticed with some interest the discrepancy between two pictures in your June 18, 2002 issue. Of note were two pictures on Page 1A and 12A picturing the disparate "swearings in" of new officers in their respective ceremonies.

On page 1A, the ceremony depicts (Tribal) Councilman Calvin Johnson's "taking the oath"; on page 12A, it shows the new mayor, Ken Murphy's taking the oath of office. Of significance to me in the latter case, there seems to be the absence of his having his hand on a Bible; in fact, there seems to be no evidence of a Bible being included in the ceremony at all!

Does that portend our new town officers will be leaving God out of many of the momentous decisions that face them in their future deliberations? I most assuredly hope not and trust there are other citizens of like concern as I!

May I say "Kudos to the Tonto Apache Tribe in their adhering, in a conceptual way, to such an important and meaningful part of such an occasion."

C. W. Jones, Payson

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