Town Should Get Tough On Illegal Parking



I have a challenge for our new mayor if he is willing. The challenge is to address the problem I brought in front of the city council meeting two years ago.

The problem is that our own residents like to park in the fire zones in front of our local businesses.

You may say, "Sooooo what!" Well, by parking in the red zones in front of Safeway, Bashas' and Wal-Mart you limit the visibility of other drivers to see people trying to walk around these illegally parked vehicles trying to enter or leave these businesses. My child is just over three feet tall and a car is just about the same height.

So I ask you, Mister Mayor, are you also going to shelve this issue like your previous counterparts or are you going to make Payson a safe place and town for our children?

Oh, by the way, I was told by a retired police officer, who showed me his shield, saying he could park wherever he wanted with impunity. I was also informed by our fire department personnel that the fire chief would not issue tickets to those who park in the fire zones. I guess he is only interested in fires and not our children and their safety.

So, Mr. Mayor, I put it to you. What are you going to do?

Dennis J. Bellemore, Payson

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