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Q: What's the deal with the town's water restrictions? By letting even numbered households water on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and odd numbered on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, half the citizens of Payson are getting cheated out of a day. And what happened to Saturday, anyway?

A: The What's Up line has been inundated with similar questions. Here's what Public Works Director Buzz Walker had to say when we posed the question and asked whether it wouldn't be fairer to allow odd-numbered houses to water on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday:

"They probably should be, but that's how the ordinance is written," Walker said.

"We've had people call in questioning the constitutionality of this. It's just insane.

"There's nothing in the world that needs to be watered more than three times a week anyway, and Saturday is traditionally the highest use day of the week.

"All I can say is that's what the ordinance says. That's the way Prescott's and Flagstaff's read and we all use the same ordinance."

What are they saying to people who call to complain about being shorted a day?

"We tell them that's just the way things work out," Walker said. "But we plan to do a new ordinance that will fix it."

Q: When will the Payson to Pine repaving project finally be finished? What a nightmare.

A: David Gerlach, ADOT traffic engineering specialist, says there was just no way to avoid the delays given the nature of the terrain along that stretch of the Beeline. The repaving part of the project was completed Wednesday and the temporary striping was scheduled for completion Thursday.

Thermo-plastic permanent striping will be done in a couple weeks, once the rubberized asphalt has cured.

"People should be able to get around the striping pretty easily," Gerlach said.

The repaving was originally supposed to end at milepost 267, but the crew went all the way to the Pine Creek bridge.

"When we got there we noticed the road was even more distressed than we thought it would be," Gerlach said.

Eventually, Gerlach hopes to get state funding to continue through Pine and Strawberry, but he's not pushing it.

"It would be good to let people cool down a bit first," he said with a laugh.

Q: I've heard there's a Blockbuster Video coming to Sawmill Crossing. True or false?

A: False, according to Paul Peterson, corporate counsel for Sawmill Crossing's developer and owner, Kaibab Industries.

"I wish it were true," Peterson said, "but we have not had any negotiations with Blockbuster. We've asked our brokers to see if they'd be interested, (and what they found is that) there is certain criteria they look for, and Sawmill doesn't meet those criteria. For one thing, they like to be close to a Wal-Mart or a really giant traffic generator.

"So there is no video store in the works ... There's a limited pool of possible video-store tenants out there right now, and even the ones that are out there aren't very healthy and aren't expanding.

"But I wish the Blockbuster rumor was true. If you hear from them, send them our way."

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