Experts Predicted This Fire Was Coming



Let me express my sympathy and my sorrows for all the very unfortunate families, individuals and all who may be affected by this total disastrous forest fire that our country is fighting.

My question is this; Where are the tree huggers now? Where are the spotted owls now? Where have they gone to?

There must have been at least six Mexican spotted owls that had to change their residence, when this history-making forest fire was started by (probably a tree hugger) enjoying the beauty of our forest and surroundings.

Case in point being made is this simple example of, our brainy government peers in Washington, D.C., listened to a group of self-appointed environmentalists (tree huggers) cry and complain about our national forest being ruined. Well, these forest fires are a good example of part of their efforts of closing down the forests to (all) wood cutting.

OK our government put a stop to all resources of timber cutting, that includes commercial timber companies. The problem with that was, when these major lumber companies stopped cutting the timber, and the (pulp) out of our forests, nature took its course. We, the entire country, need these major lumber companies to provide the public with a higher volume of building supplies, help meet the demand for construction and residential building of homes.

The point being made is, if the government would lift the restrictions of cutting wood in our national forests, it would help our economy by having a bigger supply of lumber, in turn, that would lower prices in our lumberyards for retail sales for the public.

And the best part of opening up the national forest for cutting of timber is, when these major companies go in and cut timber, they are actually thinning out the forest, and at the same time, these people are doing a terrific job of cleaning out the under brush in these forests, and that is the worst enemy of a forest fire. These predictions were made about these forest fires, when all the forests were denied for their grooming by mankind in the early '90s due to another example of people sticking their noses in a simple little owls business. These same owls are now looking for a new home also, along with our more important, and surely more deserving, our loved ones and neighbors.

God bless.

Arthur L. Buckner, Payson

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