Vandals Need To Learn Respect For Others



This is an open letter to the vandals who struck my home Tuesday night June 18. It was funny when I saw the trees draped in toilet paper. But when I saw all the eggs smashed against the house and garage, I was sad to think someone was so vicious. Maybe you don't know me.

I went to a little one-room school. Can see it today. On the left was an American flag. On the right was a picture of George Washington, and a motto which said "Never say die. Say damn."

It isn't prophetic. It may be profane, but we mortals have need of it, time and again and you'll find you'll never recover from fates harvest slam, if you never say die, say damn. So I picked up my scrub brush and cleansers and cleaned it up.

We also saluted the flag and read the Bible. We felt honored when we were selected to read the Bible in front of the class.

Didn't know about racial discrimination until I was 13 years old. Our spelling team took a trip to Washington, D.C. The African-Americans either stood or went to the back of the bus.

At 16 years old, I went to work. We received 35 cents an hour. We were glad to get it. Later it was increased to 50 cents an hour. Lucky us.

So you can see how times have changed.

We were also taught to respect other people. Maybe you could channel your energy to help others, instead of destroying people's property.

Remember, God loves you. It's hard, but so do I.

Almeda Dawson, Payson

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