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Q: With APS power lines in the path of the fire, is Payson's power supply in jeopardy?

A: The 500,000-volt transmission line in the area of the fire is not the line Arizona Public Service normally uses to deliver power to the Payson area, Mark Fallon of APS said.

"The primary source is a 345,000-volt line that is about 10 miles west of the Rodeo-Chediski Fire, which is moving northeast and away from the transmission line," Fallon said. "APS crews are in the area working with fire and emergency personnel, and line patrols continue to monitor all APS power lines in the area to ensure reliable service to our customers."

Q: What's going on with Highway 260 west of Star Valley? Why do they have the two westbound lanes closed off on a brand new highway? Are they adding another lane or has all the blasting left things unstable?

A: "It's not due to blasting and we're not adding another lane," Myron Robison, resident engineer in ADOT's Payson office, said. "Once we got the slope down, we had our geologist come up and look at it and he thought it was unstable and that we needed to bring that material down and get rid of it. The only safe way to do that, unfortunately, was to restrict the traffic. It's done now, and sometime this week we will have all the traffic back where it's supposed to be."

Q: When will construction for the road widening happen in the Kohl's Ranch/Lower Tonto Creek recreation area? They've already closed the campgrounds, so when are they going to start the work?

A: The contract for the Kohl's Ranch section will be awarded next June, and construction should begin in July or August, 2003, according to Myron Robison, resident engineer in ADOT's Payson office.

Q: Why has ADOT turned Highway 260 at Preacher Canyon into a speed trap? There's no construction work going on, but the police are sitting out there giving out tickets.

A: "We don't do speed traps," said Myron Robison, resident engineer in ADOT's Payson office. "The speed limit reduction is for safety's sake and safety's sake only. It's just temporary while we're doing some wrap-up work there."

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