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Q: Run those stage two water conservation requirements by us one more time. I still say it makes no sense to leave Saturday out and short half the residents of Payson one day.

A: After giving it some thought, the Payson Water Department agrees. Public Works Director Buzz Walker asked us to help spread the word that henceforth the following applies:

Even-numbered homes can water on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Odd-numbered homes can water on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

But the department still says nobody should have to water more than twice a week. If your landscaping requires more extensive watering, you've probably got the wrong kinds of plants for this area.

Q: The Roundup recently ran two stories on special programs to get water to the elk and other wildlife during this time of drought. Yet we've been told not to put water out for wildlife. Is it OK now?

A: Definitely not, Craig McMullen, field supervisor for the Arizona Game and Fish Department, said.

"All people do when they set out water or food is encourage them to come in closer to civilization where they can get into trouble and many end up having to be destroyed," he said.

Q: I heard Wonder Valley is really out of water now. What's the latest, and why are they so embarrassed to admit to having a problem we all have?

A: Several weeks ago Wonder Valley Land Owners Association president Jimmy James assessed that community's single well as "critically low," and things have not improved.

"We've been watching it closely and have asked people to be extremely careful," James said. "The tanks aren't full..., but they seem to be recovering at night."

He confirmed that residents are being asked to restrict water use to toilets and the kitchen. Even livestock watering has been curtailed.

"About all the pickups out here have barrels in the back, and many people are bringing water out from town for outside watering," James said.

The community of 14 land owners on Houston Mesa Road is in the process of getting the necessary permits to drill a new well.

Q: Most local realtors have their head in the sand when it comes to water supplies in the Rim country. How refreshing that Prudential Arrowhead is sponsoring a water report on KMOG that tells it like it is. Who can we thank and what is the rationale behind it?

A: That would be Cliff Potts, who credits realtor Lola Daniels with the idea.

"Contrary to what a lot of people think, that we're self-serving profit mongers, realtors are as concerned about water issues as anyone else," Potts said. "We live here too.

"After the initial announcement is made, there is no one reminding people or giving them the current status without calling their water department. Lola suggested we sponsor a water report so the information can be disseminated in a factual and consistent manner."

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