Ballots Will Decide Who Is Right And Who Is Wrong



It seems lately that with each edition of the paper we are seeing the same thing.

He said, she said and they said ... Where is it all going to end?

When I agreed to work with Jim White on his election, we talked about many things and the only person he discussed with me was the town manager. That was to say he was going to put a motion before the town attorney's office and that was only about their computer system.

We were both in the Payson police volunteers and rode in several patrols together. Never once did he say anything derogatory about Police Chief (Gordon) Gartner or any plans to replace him. It is hard for me to believe that he said some of the things he is being accused of.

When I get involved with an issue, I take a long, hard look at what I am letting myself in for and that the person I am supporting is truthful and the person I think is best for the job.

Now, if you want some mudslinging on candidates, I can give you some, but I have put myself above that. The things that I am concerned about are the issues and what is best for the town and will let the ballot box decide who is right and who is wrong.

Al Ayers, Payson

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