Former Mayor Deserves Plenty Of Praise



The recent article in the sports section of the Roundup regarding the Mogollon Sporting Association was well-deserved recognition for an outstanding organization that supports our local schools and wildlife.

I was pleased that you reported on the full diversity of generous support that MSA lends to our students. Jack Koon and his MSA board of directors are to be congratulated for their selfless service to our community.

I think it is important that we remember the one individual who was responsible for founding the organization nonprofit organization, by the way, that has raised and donated more than $300,000 locally since 1993.

While he would never openly take credit, it was (former mayor) Craig Swartwood who met with school superintendent Ron Sipus and forest ranger Steve Gunzel to introduce the idea 10 years ago. I was in those meetings, and the rest is history.

I would suggest the next time you encounter Craig, extend a thank-you (to him) for being the father of the MSA.

Jim Spencer, Payson

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