Payson Deserves A Mayor Like Sexton



As I read the editorial page weekly, I'm confronted with someone writing about why they want me to vote for the candidate of their choice.

None of those candidates have touched my life the way Diane Sexton has. Diane has taught me how to stand up for myself and become a responsible person. I had been turned out by my family and was not living a responsible life. Diane taught me how to turn my life around and become a productive citizen. When others gave up on me, she persevered and led me the right way.

She is a very strong, supporting woman. Not cruel or critical when I relapsed. She stayed with me until I got a hold of myself and changed my life around. There was no town-operated rehab/detox home. She provided a place for us who had lost our way. Not one, but several of us were helped by her guiding hand and her perseverance to do the right thing.

And she does not seek credit for herself. She has never tried to make herself look "good" in the eyes of others. She is good. She does good things. And Payson needs her as its leader.

Diane is a perfect role model for women. She raised her four children to be productive, moral children who have wonderful families of their own. Diane is a very wise woman. She has been successful in business. Diane has been a consistently fair employer. One who extended a helping hand when needed. Opened up a home when necessary to help an employee. She values people more than she values material things in this life.

One thing she gave to me that I value highly is a Bible. But I think I appreciate what she wrote on it as much as I appreciate the Bible itself. She wrote, "Always remember to keep your eyes on God." And I believe she does that in her own life. For that reason I think you should vote for her as mayor of Payson. She will get a lot of things done and never take credit for them. She does it for the people. She will make this a better place to live. She carries herself with grace, and never puts people in an embarrassing situation. She works with them.

How has your candidate touched your life? Give mine a chance. She won't disappoint you.

Cindy Berens, Payson

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