Support Group For Diabetics Needed



Diabetes is a chronic illness affecting many people in the Payson area. It is controllable, not curable. For this reason, the diabetic must have the knowledge and support to live with the disease on a daily basis. As a diabetic for 55 years, and on an insulin pump for 12 years, I believe a support group is very much needed in the Payson area.

How many diabetics are aware of the insulin pump which looks like a small beeper worn on the belt, acting more like a normal pancreas by delivering set rates of insulin for 24 hours a day? Medicare also covers the pump. The patient changes the insertion line every three days. Every time a meal is taken, a bolus of insulin is given to cover the number of carbohydrates in that meal.

Other information such as foot care, diet, exercise, complications and support for daily living with diabetes would also be discussed by the group.

Dr. Gail Turner, MD, FACC, board certified, cardiologist/ internist, has agreed to assist this program.

If this group interests you and you would be interested in having guest speakers such as a representative from the insulin pump manufacturer and other interesting subjects concerning diabetes, Type I and Type II, call me at 468-7155.

Joanne Stottler, Payson

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