What's Up?


Q: I heard there is a new organization in town called PUMAA that has something to do with airport operations. Is there such an organization and what is its purpose? Are there plans to expand the airport?

A: According to the organization's website (www.geocities.com/loudplanes), the acronym stands for Payson United Municipal Airport Alliance, and its purpose is to "allow the nonflying Payson taxpayer to have a voice in town airport operations, finance and policies." To that end, they "encourage the town council to support the airport manager by granting the authority he needs to make the airport safe, quiet and a facility that serves the needs of the entire community."

PUMAA also encourages citizens to report unsafe aircraft operations and its website provides instructions, addresses and phone numbers for doing so.

"I think they're looking at orderly expansion from the standpoint of realizing that if the town is going to grow, the airport has to grow, but that it has to happen in an orderly manner," said airport manager Ted Anderson, who has talked with several members of the group.

Q: Isn't there a deadline coming up for making a tax-deductible donation to the the Clean Elections program?

A: Yes, April 15. When you file your state income tax return, check the "Clean Elections Fund Tax Reduction Box." By so doing, your tax liability will be reduced by $5 or, if you have a refund coming, you will receive an extra $5. For married couples filing jointly, the amount is $10. When you check the box, $5 also goes to the Clean Elections program to reduce special interest influence in Arizona politics.

Voters approved the Clean Elections Act in 1998, through which candidates for statewide and legislative office receive funding.

"Not only is it an easy way to lessen your tax liability," Citizens Clean Election Commission executive director Colleen Conner said, "it is an opportunity to participate in the democratic process by voicing your opinion to remove special interests from the election process."

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