Wilson Is The Right Man For The Job



This letter is an unsolicited endorsement for John Wilson, town council candidate.

July 2, 2002 will be the ninth anniversary of our move to Payson and we will be forever grateful that you didn't close Payson's doors before we found you.

The first person to ring our doorbell in our neighborhood was Mrs. John Wilson with a welcoming smile and a plate of cookies. From that date, we continue to feel very fortunate to have the Wilsons as neighbors. We have grown to know John well through community and church work, and continue to respect him as a gentleman and good citizen.

We also feel fortunate that Payson has so many fine candidates running for the three council seats. Because we know that John will be a council person with an open mind and will make decisions for the benefit of all Payson residents, we plan to cast our vote for him on March 12.

We will have a difficult time deciding where to place our other two council votes, but we are confident that the three persons who are elected will be an asset to our governing body. We also urge you to vote "yes" on Amendment 300 the "Home Rule" amendment. We need control of our tax dollars here in Payson, not in Phoenix.

See you all at the polls on March 12.

Jack and Billie Gibbs, Payson

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