Kaiser, Reese Dedicated, Tenacious



As I'm sure you're aware, the primary election for town council and mayor is March 12. Although not actively involved with any candidate, I have spent considerable time familiarizing myself with the backgrounds and credentials of each and I believe I've reached some informed decisions.

I know Andy Kaiser and Dick Reese personally and admit to some bias on their behalf. I strongly endorse both Andy and Dick. They have excelled in their business endeavors and each has the kind of dedication and tenacity we need in directing the future of Payson.

For most of my career, I had responsibility for employing people in various sales and marketing functions and I have two questions I asked myself about each candidate:

Would I let this person manage my business?

Could I work for this person?

In the case of Andy and Dick, the answers are yes.

The third council candidate with whom I am most impressed is Judy Buettner. During the debates, she demonstrated composure, knowledge and self-confidence. Judy is very articulate and has an extensive background in county government.

As for mayor, I support Jim White, because of his background in Phoenix City and Arizona State government. Jim has extensive political background. The only "slam" I've heard is that he is a "professional politician." My thinking on that is given the level of amateurs we've had in the past perhaps putting a professional in office is a good thing.

Those are my thoughts for what they are worth. Whatever you do, please vote (less than 30 percent of the voters turned out last time).

Bob Purkey


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