Service And Experience Speak Louder Than Words



Consider this letter a personal testimony on behalf of Ken Murphy for our next mayor. Ken has proven time and again his passion and dedication to Payson and our country through service.

Not being a "professional politician," his deeds speak louder than his words. I've known Mr. Murphy for 17 years and have found him to be a compassionate, straight talking, honest person with amazing energy to get things done.

Through his community involvement, Ken has achieved a deep understanding of the issues and needs of not only Payson, but our regional neighbors as well. He listens to all sides of every issue, identifies common goals and works toward creative solutions. Trust is why he has outstanding relationships with the Tonto Apache Tribe, Gila County and various altruistic groups, continuously attempting to make our area a better place to live.

As is true with his educational background and military service, Ken is a grassroots guy who has worked his way up the ranks to leadership roles in Rotary, The Chamber, Rodeo committees, the Event Center, Green Valley Park, Volunteer Firefighters and health care groups.

Considering we are going to have three new green council members and a new Town Manager, Payson needs to elect a mayor who possesses historical knowledge and the experience to be our leader.

Blair Meggitt


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