Honored Just To Be Nominated



I would like to comment on your recent Best of Payson awards.

I am flattered being chosen in the category of musician, so I thank everyone who voted for me. Yet I feel compelled to say in all honesty, I'm not that good, folks.

It honors me to even be on a list with the likes of John Carpino, who is truly an excellent musician and entertainer. There are so many exceptional musicians in our area, it is amazing. Pick either one of the Gibson brothers, or Jay Fraley, or Jerry Reynolds, or, the list goes on.

I am a promoter, a lover of music and the beauty it brings. I help others bring the music that's in them, out. I believe that music is a great healer, and so much healing needs to be done in our society, it's how I do my part. I do it as well as I can, with what small talent I was given.

Honestly, that word "best" is pretty scary. If I was ever to be voted best, I'd probably feel compelled to actually study and work at playing harmonica. Then I'd start using my head to play, not my heart.

Remember, life is supposed to be fun. Come by the show I do on Friday nights at the Mogollon Grille, and hear some really good musicians play. We do the best we can and have as much fun as we can. We just play because it makes us happy. Life's too short to get so serious about having fun.

"Shakey" Joe Harless


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