Local Gripes



Now that the elections are over, no doubt everyone has other gripes about this or that. Here are some of my least offensive ones, not necessarily in any order of importance.

1. Unreadable signatures;

2. Barking dogs in cars or trucks;

3. High and difficult door latches on the newspaper recycling bins;

4. Noisy, smelly diesels;

5. Public speakers that cannot be heard in the back of the room;

6. People featured in the newspaper without a valid local phone number;

7. No good local road from the vicinity of the Wells Fargo Bank to Bonita Street;

8. Parking spaces at some businesses that are too narrow;

9. Gated communities;

10. Weather persons on TV that don't know the difference between average and normal; 11. No southeast bypass;

12. Unrealistic speed limit on Tyler Parkway;

13. Music albums advertised on TV that can be ordered only by mail;

14. Some U.S. Stamps without a value on them;

15. No space between sentences in modern print;

16. High-pitched female voices on radio or TV;

17. Ask your doctor if the thing-a-ma-ding pill is for you;

18. At a meeting, a person in the audience asks a question and the speaker does not repeat the question;

19. Upper-level low;

20. Trying to make a left turn onto Beeline during heavy traffic;

21. No classical or big-band music on the local air waves;

22. Reckless lane changers;

23. The awkward way some young people hold a pen or pencil;

24. Prices that end with a 9;

25. Looking down on the first red roof along Tyler Parkway;

26. People that believe in myths instead of science;

27. People that gripe.

Max L. Partch


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