Poll Workers Went The Extra Mile



Equality... As I was departing my local doctor's office this morning, election day, the lift I use to place my wheelchair in the bed of my pickup truck broke.

This happened at a bad time because I was intending on stopping at the town hall and casting my vote. As I sat in the parking lot, councilman Ken Murphy walked up and inquired as to my problem. I explained that I wanted to vote, but without the use of my wheelchair, that was going to be impossible.

Within a moment, Mr. Murphy had a cell phone in his hand dialing town hall alerting those voting officials of my problem and arranging for the proper officials to come out to my truck where I would park at town hall. Voila, an inspector, judge, keeper of the rolls ext. and a ballot appeared in one of the officials hands. The lady then handed me a ballot and stepped back away from my vehicle where I was seated. Thusly not seeing who or what I voted for.

I think this team all deserve the Roundup's outstanding citizens award.

Jack Sheahan,

"the town curmudgeon"


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