Thank You For Supporting Area Fire Departments


by John W. Ross

payson fire chief

The Payson Fire Department wishes to thank those people who voted in support of the fire code amendments, and also those who voted against the measure for exercising their constitutional right to vote and being civil, despite the different perspectives. Although politics can bring about significant emotionalism, the vast majority of those supporting certain candidates and propositions did so with intelligence, courtesy and tolerance.

Members of the Northern Gila County Firefighters' Association came out to support the election and the amendments, and did so in a professional, legal and friendly manner. Thank you to the many citizens, who despite their political viewpoints, expressed their support of our regional firefighters.

Regardless of politics, our firefighters are always committed to protecting lives and property.

With respect to the fire trucks used on Election Day, the regional firefighters' association used them to support the election and the fire code amendments proposition. These fire trucks were from surrounding jurisdictions, not Payson.

It is important to note that the association members are from regional fire departments, including Payson, and were off duty on Election Day. Because these firefighters will respond into Payson in the event of a major fire, as Payson resources will respond to assist them, they supported the life-saving amendments.

Area fire departments, including Payson, strongly support our communities and are an integral part of our health, welfare and safety. The Payson Fire Department strives to provide the highest levels of emergency services possible, and will continue to be successful due to the excellent support of Payson citizens.

Thank you.

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