Rearview Mirror Shows Sad Picture


by Dave Engleman


The primary election is over. Comments please:

"We have no water shortage!" Mormon Lake and most of Mary Lake are bone dry. Roosevelt Lake is at 33-percent capacity. Forest springs (except Fossil) are dry. Blue Ridge has not overflowed in years.

Mr. Don Wolfe states that only 9 percent of residents want building to stop. The petition to stop building only covered 10 percent of the population. Wake up residents, your homes could lose much of their value.

"I'm for good-paying jobs." When I asked candidates how much the jobs should pay, there was no answer. $35,000 a year is needed for a family of four in Payson. ($55,000 for six). Can we expect a company to come to Payson and pay that kind of payroll? Never.

"We need Main Street redevelopment." If the town lets developers get involved, it's a lost cause. The cost of rent or purchase for small-business owners would force the price of goods so high they would not sell.

A few years ago, the town made an effort to re-do Main Street. Clean streets, fancy lights, young trees and then a water shortage hit the town. The trees, the grass at the chamber, the town water plant and town hall all died.

Even if Main Street does reach its goal of development, who will come? Certainly no one is going to give up his or her slot from the mile-long backup along the Beeline to go shopping there.

Payson's economic salvation is the southeast bypass road. Turn away the people who do not want to come here, and the people who do, will shop our stores.

"The bypass road?" Starting it at the gun range road will take it to Highway 260 without hurting Payson. It would be scenic flowing along the rim of the Hole in the Ground and on the ridge south of Star Valley. Roads are already in that area.

Further economic salvation is the presence of more retired people. They have stable incomes and health insurance for the most part. This, however, is a dying breed, as big business is stopping long-term employment and retirement pensions and benefits.

I like the rearview mirror, looking back at Payson when it was a quiet town with safe streets, green forest, stability and clean air. It is sad that is now gone.

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