Don't Take Your Pets To Landfill



I recently had the sad experience of losing a good friend and companion. Huck was a nine-month-old Aussie-Border collie mix. He work me up in the morning with a slobbery kiss and a wagging tail. He anxiously greeted me when I came home from work each day. We hiked together, ate together, took drives, played catch. He was my best friend and a comfort after a recent divorce.

Huck had gone with a friend of mine as a passenger to the area landfill. He jumped out of the truck and was not caught. All efforts were made to get Huck back, and after a week of frantic searching and advertising, I got the call that he had been found. He was lying dead at the side of the highway next to a dead deer carcass that had sustained him for a week in the wilderness with only snow from a blizzard to drink.

What intensified my pain, was when I was told by an employee of the landfill that "This happens all the time!" I was shocked to hear this news, for the landfill, (at least eight miles out in the middle of nowhere) is a coyote infested, water poor, desolate area. I am writing to bring attention to this sad but avoidable situation. Many of you have pets you love. If you don't want this to happen to you, please leave your pets at home, or secure your dog before entering the landfill.

Jan Fraser

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