Payson Music Center Relocating


The Rim is alive with the sound of music. And the sweetest notes are coming from Kevin Bailey and Wes Hathaway, co-owners of the Payson Music Center.
April 1, the two partners will unveil the fruits of their business' latest and last relocation to the 3,700-square-foot Payson Center space once occupied by Somethings.
Although the move will more than double their showroom size, neither Bailey or Hathaway are worried that they won't have enough merchandise to fill it up.
"We're bringing in 21 grand pianos with players," Bailey said. "We're already an Ibenez dealer they make some of the best guitars around and we never have less than 25 guitars in stock. We carry Tamae drums and Crate amps, which are probably the best ... We have keyboards, 100 band rental instruments, a service and repair department ..."
The truth is, Payson Music Center carries more merchandise than even Bailey can remember. The shelves are also lined with music books, pro and auto sound systems, accessories, and a full line of music CDs and tapes. (Customers who join the "Lucky Seven Club" get one free CD or tape for every 7 they buy).
The center also operates a music academy which provides weekly private guitar and piano lessons to an enrollment that's steadily grown to 42 students.
Payson Music Center was established nine years ago as a hometown, full-service music store, offering everything that retail genre suggests.
The store opened in an 800-square-foot space at 405 S. Beeline Highway, and that's where it stayed until Jan. 1997, when the enterprise was moved to its current location at 612 S. Beeline into a building that offered Bailey and Hathaway twice the showroom space and better street visibility.
But the need for even more room and more parking and better exposure has prompted the center's latest relocation.
"Since we opened in '93, we've just been growing and growing and growing," Bailey said. "Parking has really been a problem for us. We've only got three little spaces out front, and one of them has a sign in it.
"This new location totally solves that problem. Also, it's going to allow us to expand into violin, flute and percussion lessons. We're expanding the inventory to include acoustic pianos. And we'll be putting in a Star Studio, where you can be videotaped or recorded on CD while singing or lip-syncing to the music of your favorite performer. Professional studio time to do that is about $200 an hour, and this is going to cost $25 to $50, depending on what you want done."
Payson Music Center is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
For more information, call 472-SING (7464).

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