Say 'No' To More Land Exchanges



No time for a land exchange now that some local investors, who have been working behind closed doors for sometime, have devised a plan to revive about 400 acres of the discarded Payson IV land exchange, the town government has decided to support them.

Isn't it wonderful that more land is their answer to our water problem, and the sad state of affairs with our infrastructure. They can't take care of what's here now but they still want more for development.

The proposed plan is to ask for congressional intervention in a Forest Service process so this plan can be forcibly approved. By so doing, this will bypass citizen input and environmental studies.

Mass production of speculative and deceptive reasons to indicate public benefit are a big part of this program. Don't fall for this bag of tricks that will only provide for investor profit guarantees.

People's needs must start coming first before scams like this. No more land now.

Jack Jasper

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