Aren't Bandwagons Something?



Boy, oh boy! Aren't bandwagons something? You can hop on one, jump around, gladhand everyone on board, and to the crowd you pass by, you look just like, sound just like, everyone who was on it when the parade started.

Then, when a "newer," more colorful bandwagon comes along, you can hop on it and pretend like you were on this bandwagon all along.

"Speciesism bigotry" was the charge leveled against ol' Jim Keyworth. Now I don't know 'bout ol' Jim, but I don't mind being called a bigot, because at times, aren't we all?

Besides, Mom tol' me that "sticks 'n' stones," so I figure that if I "am not easily subdued in my beliefs" (obstinate) that "some people just aren't happy unless they are miserable" (sorry Willie Nelson), or that I am "unwilling to grant equal freedom of expression of ideas or beliefs" (intolerant), that animals are equally as important as humans, then I guess that I also am guilty of being "unconscious" about the value of other species, wait no, I'm not we pay too darn much for shrimp and lobster!

Whoops gotta go here comes another bandwagon.

John M. Angell Sr., Payson

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