Couple Wins With 4 Out Of 6 In Oscar Contest


Perhaps the most impressive prediction in the Roundup/Sawmill Theatres' First Annual Academy Awards Contest was one proffered by Robert Pearson of Payson.

No one inside or outside of Hollywood or the entertainment media predicted that darker-than-dark horse Jim Broadbent would win a Best Supporting Actor statuette for his performance in "Iris" a movie which hasn't even unspooled in Payson.

But Pearson picked Broadbent. And he was the only one out of about 100 entrants to do so.

Alas, Pearson's only other correct prognostication was Best Actress winner Halle Berry for "Monster's Ball," so he is not the contest's Big Winner.

That would be the envelope, please Suzanne Forsythe, who tied with a pair of other local soothsayers by correctly identifying four winners in the top six categories.

Sawmill Theatres' director of operations, Brian Deveny, picked Forsythe's ballot in a post-Oscars drawing.

Forsythe and her husband, Larry, win a cinematic prize package: two movie tickets, two large boxes of popcorn, two large candies, two large drinks, and two hot dogs.

The consolation prize a warm and sincere congratulations for being so smart goes to Jerry Bradshaw and Joyce Baronowski, who equaled Forsythe in correct guesses, but not in the luck of the draw.

The Academy Award victories that threw everyone off including Forsythe were those of supporting actor Broadbent (nearly all of the entrants picked Ian McKellen for "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring") and Best Actor Denzel Washington for "Training Day" (most folks expected Russell Crowe to win his second consecutive Oscar for "A Beautiful Mind.")

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