Helmet Saves Biker's Life


Eric Holliday was taken to Payson Regional Medical Center Friday night after wrecking a 1982 Yamaha motorcycle on Highway 87.

Traveling more than 75 mph about one-half mile north of Buckhead Mesa, the 35-year-old ran off onto the dirt shoulder, collided with rocks sending him and his motorcycle into the air for about 30 feet before landing on more rocks, Officer Greg LeMoine of the Department of Public Safety, said Friday.

Holliday was sitting on the bright red helmet he had been wearing and smoking a cigarette when help first arrived, Lt. Ray Groves of the Pine-Strawberry Fire Department said.

"I have no doubt (the helmet) saved his life," LeMoine said. "It probably would have been a fatality if he had not been wearing his helmet."

At the scene, Holliday was treated for a possible broken left clavicle and serious abrasions on his legs, Groves said.

Holliday will be cited for failure to control the vehicle, no insurance, no registration and no motorcycle endorsement on his driver's license, LeMoine said.

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