Pet Ownership Is A Responsibility



Last week, I lost a friend at the Payson Humane Society. His name was "Nipper" and he had been there for a long time.

I came in as a volunteer to take him for a walk, and when he wasn't in his cage, I was so excitedsomeone must have adopted him. But the sad eyes on the girls who work there told me he had gone to heaven in order to make room for the animals people continue to bring in. Two young dogs had replaced him in the cage he was in.

My dream has always been for the Payson Humane Society to be a no-kill facility. This can't become a reality until two things happen.

First, people have to take responsibility for neutering (and spaying) their pets.

Secondly, people have to think of their pets as a responsibility that lasts for the pet's lifetime, not as a temporary fling that suits the pet owner's whims.

Moving to another place is not an acceptable excuse for bringing an animal to the humane society. There really is no acceptable excuse. Adult, mixed-breed dogs are the last pets adopted at the shelter. Most people want a puppy or a pedigree dog. Adult cats don't fare much better. Everyone wants a kitten.

So think about it when you bring in a batch of puppies or kittens or the pet you are tired of. Look around and figure out which of the animals already in the shelter will have to be put down so there is room for the one(s) you are bringing in.

Diane Brown, Payson

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