The Migration Of The Obstructionists



Let me describe someone to you who lives in our community. He (or she) moved here from California (or any other state) from an active community where he raised his children, supported his community and actively participated in community activities.

Now he has purchased or built his dream retirement home in our town and wants the residents of this community to support him and his lifestyle and not allow one more human being to move here to enjoy their dreams.

He doesn't participate in any community organizations (except no growth committees) and doesn't support any organization that does things for the youth of our community (he's already done the organization thing, you see).

He doesn't support new business development because that would bring new people to town, and they would probably have small kids who the community would have to welcome and support.

He also doesn't support bond issues that could build new town streets to help the local residents get around town more easily. You see, he doesn't want to pay any taxes that support his new retirement community or the kids therein he wants everyone else to do that.

Anyone in this town who hasn't contributed physically or financially to the Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Optimists, Shriners or any other organization that supports kids, and votes against (or encourages others to vote against) any progressive activity that could help this community surely fits this description.

What would you call them? Selfish? Obstructionists? Despicable? I call them, at least, uncaring and irresponsible, and should be known as such.

Don Castleman, Payson

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