What's Up?


Q: Is the town going to repaint the white striping on Highway 87 soon? It's almost invisible near the major intersections.

A: It's not the town's responsibility to restripe Highway 87. It's the Arizona Department of Transportation's, and they are just waiting for the repaving of the Pine to Payson segment of the Beeline so they can stripe everything at once. Repaving is scheduled to begin on June 1, and will take some six to seven days according to ADOT Traffic Engineering Specialist David Gerlach.

"It's going to be a traffic nightmare," Gerlach warned. "There will only be one lane open."

After that's complete, the restriping will probably take place around the end of June. Also scheduled within that time frame: raising manhole covers to roadway level as needed and the construction of a shade structure at Houston Mesa Road.

Q: What happened to the J.C. Penney's catalog store? It's closed and the telephone lines have been disconnected.

A: We ran into the same thing you did. It's closed and the lines have been disconnected. But we also ran into one Charles Leister Jr., who just moved to Payson and is talking to the Penney's folks about opening a new catalog store, hopefully also on Main Street. Leister said it's his understanding that the previous owners just wanted to retire. Leister promised to keep "What's Up" posted, and we'll pass any significant new developments on to our readers.

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