Is Revenue Worth The Risk?



Many thanks for printing Jack Babb's comments on wildfire safety.

Unfortunately, for those of us living in the national forest, the U.S. Forest Service doesn't seem to be as concerned. As recently as last week, when they were contacted about a neighbor carelessly burning trash with lots of gasoline and sparks flying everywhere, the response was "no response."

When asked why the "no fire restrictions" were not in place yet, they replied, "We need the revenue."

In the Houston Mesa Road area where we live there are many campgrounds, only one of which is supervised. There has already been one fire at or near the Houston Mesa Campground. Are we going to have to wait for another Dude Fire to have some restrictions posted and enforced? Is the small amount of campground revenue worth the risk? Worth the cost in lives, homes and forest?

Barbara Morlan, Payson

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