Let's Not Cloud The Issue



What is growth? To develop and reach maturity. Is Payson capable of growth? Will we expand, thrive, flourish?

We can if we are judicious, prudent, considerate. The letter from Mr. Castleman salts our soil.

Nothing positive comes from pejorative, all-inclusive descriptions of phantom people who perhaps disagree with the process and procedures the town leaders have taken thus far.

The task of good leadership is to educate, not to obfuscate. The task of an enlightened citizenship is to ask questions and not to blindly follow.

The question to be asked and must be answered if we are to grow: Where will the water come from?

If the goal is growth, and we cannot attain this goal without water, then it seems to me water is the main focus. To flourish, thrive, grow, we must have reasoned debate and we must all demand reasoned answers. Our debates must be based on clear, factual information. To cloud the issue with emotional invective demeans us all. Payson deserves more.

D.L. Thompson, Payson

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