Prosecution Of Mentally Ill A 'Travesty'



According to editor Jerry Thebado, his mother is sane, did what most mothers do, and is presumably a candidate for sainthood.

Andrea Yates' sentence was consequently "more than fair".

I fail to follow the line of reasoning or logic involved in reaching that conclusion.

"More than fair" implies that the life sentence was lenient and that the alternate death sentence may have been more appropriate. Since all involved with this case, including the jurors, agree that Yates was mentally ill, there can be no correlation between Thebado's mother and the Yates' case.

In my opinion the criminal prosecution of the mentally ill, especially with the option of a death sentence, is an enormous regression for a civilized society.

Fortunately Texas is probably the only state in which this travesty could occur.

Del Winter, Payson

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