Time To Read Writing On The Wall



I agree with your guest writers, Dave Engleman (March 10) and Jack Jasper (March 22).

Someone in Payson is suffering from visions of grandeur. Beware of false visionaries. You will know them by their deeds.

In regard to Main Street Garcia property, flood control, animal shelter property, multi-center, parking lot, park with bike trails all for tourists? Jobs on Main Street will be low-paying and rents will be sky high. Guess who will pay for this and more.

Land exchange will bring industry to Payson? Why, there is an empty building on Longhorn waiting for industry. Payson is still waiting for the cabinet door industry. How many Paysonites will be employed with more than minimum wages? Did we not learn a lesson from the Japanese entrepreneur?

The location for the new animal shelter is ludicrous. In a short period of time, they will be relocating, too.

How about the expansion of the library, etc.?

Payson is headed for higher taxes, more bonds and hard times.

It's time to do some spring cleaning. Bigger does not mean better. Crime is up 250 percent. A narcotics problem, water problem, no sidewalks (Main Street will have them), streets need repair (50-50 plan for you), empty stores, etc.

Grants, federal funding are not the answer. I believe with the carrot comes the stick.

Let's connect the dots and read the writing on the wall. It's not apathy, it's helplessness.

Are the citizens of Payson the last on the totem pole?

M.A. Kotelnicki, Payson

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