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Q: Why is there no sign at Sunflower telling you that you are there? There are signs on either side before you get there telling you how many miles to Sunflower, but none telling motorists they've reached Sunflower.

A: Because Sunflower did not meet the Arizona Department of Transportation criteria for a sign, according to Bob LaJeunesse, ADOT regional traffic engineer.

"If it's not an incorporated town, it has to have a post office," LaJeunesse said. "During the design of (the Highway 87) project, it was determined that Sunflower did not meet that criteria."

The Roundup also got some interesting insights on the subject from Sunflower resident Mary Payne, who says the community has practically disappeared.

"We used to tell people we're at milepost 218," she said. "But when they redid 87, they took down the marker."

Not that she's complaining: "It sure is nice not having the highway there anymore," she said. "But it took us about a month to get used to the silence."

Q: I'm wondering if there are any rules and regulations on the Payson High School varsity basketball team about how long each player is allowed to play, or if they can just sit someone on the bench for the whole game.

A: Our sports reporter, Max Foster, who also teaches and coaches in the district, says playing time at the varsity level is not a negotiable item for most coaches.

"Coaches make the decision about playing time in the best interests of the entire team," Foster said, "and it's often determined by performances in practice sessions leading up to a game."

At the freshman and junior varsity levels, however, coaches usually try to give all the players game experience.

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